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date: 22.11.2017

A Blood Bank stores blood of various blood groups . Many donors donate blood ,each of different blood group/type. A donor may donate blood more than once and he is identified by a donor id(DID),name, sex, age , address and phone number. The blood donated by the donor is characterized by blood type , code and cost. Before each donor donates his blood , he is required to register himself as a donor with the receptionist who works at the Blood Bank. The receptionist is identified by employee id, name , address and phone number. The Blood Banks receives orders for blood from many hospitals for emergency purposes and other surgical requirements and each blood bank issues the same of required blood type. Each blood bank has it’s own blood bank number(BNO) , issues, orders and blood types stored. The Blood Bank is managed by the blood bank manager who is identified by employee id , name , email_id and phone number .He is responsible for the proper management of the blood bank . The hospitals are identified by name, address and phone number.

Given this, provide the following:

Represent the blood bank management using an ER diagram. Then translate your entities/relationships to tables. Verify that your tables are normalized in BCNF. Now, you can write SQL statement to create this database using your chosen RDBMS. Now, you start designing and implementing the UI that matches your database. Your project should deliver functionality for insertion, deletion, updation on different tables. Moreover, it should provide the chance for searching donors based on different factor such as blood type, age and their partial/full names.

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