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Web site development with php
date: 24.07.2017
173 Udyog Bhavan Sonawala Road
Goregaon East Mumbai 400063
Tel : +912242950667 / +919867594067 E mail
ISO 9000-2015 COMPANY
Notes on E commerce website Development
Project 1
Our E commerce will have multiproduct and should be capable to scalable with product and category wise for future use. As every productline will have different variance and quality and hence to create models for different category we will have master creaton forms.
All our website should be compatible with aneroid and apple software and should be multilingual by using higher CAT for translation.
For content writing for each product will be standard pick up data from database and common write up with additional data , if required for a particular product can be made.

Main thrust
1. Search operation should be made intelligently to pick up exact requirement and on next time on base of past search should able to give results better waty.
2. The sites will have independent modules for different products and thereafter will be linked to single site. Every module will have different type of data and should be stored in csv file with facility of import and export for offline changes. The admin page will have features of changing the data online and variable factors can be changed at admin place.
3. Our major strength is our technical data base and should remain confidential and secured
4. Once our sites are ready, we will have two level of customers
1. End uers buying products online or offline
2. Dealers locally or abroad wants to use our site in their name with our data : For this the dealer will pay a nominal amount per month for subscription and he can purchase entire modules or single modules and will be allowed to make restrictive changes such as details of his company, rates of product by multiplying a factor which will be provided for all products, availability period, local courier compny details . He would be immediately download the site without payment and make changes required with sample data of 3-4 items but to run full fledged site he has to start to pay for same. This amount wll consists of our fees for technical data and he would be offered help if he want to buy our services for making his domin site at chargeable basis. He will be allowed to use his domin and server. All technical data, images remain on our server and dealer or his customer at the time of visiting our site will be able to view a product data from our server data base. Whenever we make any changes on technical portion of data , it will reflect on our site and as well as on all sites associated with us.
3. Dealers who wants to promote our site in their country or city with control of domin name in our name and on our server will be allowed at free of cost by allowing him all points in point no 2 but in this all orders will come to us and we will be supplying material to his customer through him by providing commission to dealer. These will form on our company data base the dealers locator
4. Suppliers of other productline who would like to give their products to sale and and to make dealers on our websites. Here they will be offered the ready scalable module specially designed for their products on outright bass if they don’t want to share their data or on fixed charge and commission basis . Anytime client will have freedom to buy outright module.

Different Modules to be developed and linked on common website with provision of adding new modues
We are open for any platform including advance version of magento . As suggested by developer we would be buying server on cloud based . All source code and program logic will be property of us and subsequent assignments on same sites will be done with our requirements and on fixed charges as decided from begining . This is long term contract so confidentiality, time boundness and integrity will be key area to select the partner.
At present we have following products for our e commerce portal. We don’t mind if you can offer separate module for each product and link them or you can use any software which is a good scalable e commerce platform.
We wants that our vendor should have team of people who can load all data initially and make site totally running and thereafter all data we should be able to import and export category wise for any changes to be made.
Search engine should be prepared separately for all categories and should be able to recognise the requirement of user without considering hyphen, desk , capital letter , small letter, some mistake in one of the words
Every product should have images which can be zoomed up , images can be added from all angles
Master data file should have provision for providing for tax rate, delivery charges, exchange rate
Since this site will have rates in USD BUT THE SITE WILL BE SCALABLE for any country. So rate changing will be done on countrywise by multiplying a factor for that country or deler on USD RATES. Every country may have or may not have some rules to follow or online sale and hence scalability should be there for providing additional informations for that country.
For example. The indian customer , each product will be shown with datas
Date of manufacturing / date of import
MRP ( Maximum Retail Price in Indian Rs.)
Discounted price
Bifurcation of GST ( Tax) / FREIGHT/ NET AMOUNT
The indian customer should be able to register his GST details when making invoice as this heps him in getting credit for tax paid subsequently in his returns. This will form part of customer data base
Online payment gatway has to be integrated for
Credit card
Wire transfer
The various report should be generated showing
1. Persons visiting with ip no on site and time spent and model no searched
2. Customer details
3. Order detail
4. Shipment made details
The customer should get regular message and should be able to track his consignment online.

At present we have following modules :

1. Projector parts
A: Category – Projector lamps module A1
B: Category – LCD panel module A2
C: Category DMD Module A3
D Category : other parts Module A4
Each module will be linked to one bigger module A as many datas in this modules are common such as these datas are prepared on basis of projector brand and model no of projector . will be divided on basis of
1 Projector Brand
2 Model no of brand
For every model , a lamp / LCD panel no / DMD / other part no will be classified with part no . This part no can be part no for many models of projector . Same lamp can have multiple part no also. Refer to
Each lamp will be divided into 6 variance
1. Compitable lamp with housing
2. Compitable bare lamp without housing
3. Original lamp with housing
4. Original lamp without housing
5. Retail box
6. Filament only
The person should be able to search with
Brand to model no -
By part no –
At time of search, he should also get list of all other model of projector which use same part no ( As I told there are many lamps which have multiple part no but for getting different model no with same part no should be considered as one )
There are more than 20000 lamp models are there
The details will be shown
Projector brand
Model no
Lamp part no
Other models associated with part no
Technical details as per data sheet
Image of lamp wil be picked first time from our links provided on our data base but subsequently it will be stored permanently on our server.
The master file will have price in USD . For indian customer, the price will get changed as per data of exchange provided by us which will be much higher than normal exchange price to accommodate many expenses such as cutom duty, freight our margin
The advance feature function will be abe to search technical data wise

Module no B
Projector screen

Projector screens are firstly classified in
Regular Series
Professional series
Both series are further classified in

Map type
Instalock screen
Tripod screen
Motorised screen
Fixed frame screen
Tab tension screen
Table top screen
All these screens are made in different ratio of 4:3 , 16:9 , 16:10 and so on
Every screen is further classified in
A: Deluxe
B: Super Deluxe
D: Exclusive
The screen technical detail for each screen will be shown as
1. Series whether this is regular or professional
2. Type of screen like fixed frame , instalock
3. Ratio of screen
4. Quality
5. Viewable area in width, height and in diagonal and customer should be able to search as per inch, mm, cm, feet, meter
6. Fabric size with black border in width, height and in diagonal and customer should be able to search as per inch, mm, cm, feet, meter
7. Black border on top, bottom , left , right
8. Housing size in width, thickness
For each screen, the customer should be able to select the
Color of housing.
Color of front viewable fabric
Fabric type – which are more than 20 types
For every selection the price will differ.
The data for each type of screen should be put up in excel along with prices so that we can anytime import and export the data. The write up should be able to take data from excel for making contents for each variety

Module 3

Ceiling Mount kit for projector
Wall mount kit for projector
Motorised ceiling lift
Motorised floor lift
TV mount kits
Each quality will be further classified in
Minimum size and Maximum size in mm / cm / meter / inch / feet
Metal used Steel or Aluminium
Design whether square or round
For lifts, it can be box type or scessior type or robot hand wise

Module D

There are more than 50 types of cables and 100 types of connectors.
Every cable will be divided into
Super Deluxe
Professional series
Every cable will have different sizes and customer should be able to see in inch / meter / feet / cm / mm
On technical front , every cable will have different technical data such as no of wires, thickness, no, of insulation, connector type
For every variety the content should be picked up from data sheet

Module E
Projectors Module E1
There are basically the projector searches are done on basis of
Brand wise
Lumens wise
SVGA/ XGA / WXGA/ Full HD / 4K wise
Price wise
Model no wise
ususlly customer wants brand wise and than like to compare with other model available with same technical details or prices
TV / Monitors / Large Format Display E2
Brand wise
Lumens wise
XGA XGA/ Full HD / 4K wise
Price wise
Model no wise
Interactive feature
Smart TV

Speakers Audio E3
Brand wise
Specification such as Wattage wise
Type of speakers
Price wise

Mikes E4
LED Wall E5
Type of lamp used
Price / Sq mts

Video wall E6
Type of lamp used
Price based on sizes
Ususlly customer wants brand wise and than like to compare with other model available with same technical details or prices

Module E

Education Segment
1. Interactive smart board
2. Interactive smart devise to be fitted on white board
3. OHP
4. Visualizer
5. Software for teaching

Module F
Paints for Projector screens
Paints can be classified as below:
1. Color wise
2. Screen wise
3. Quantity wise


We want to make one site developed on Word press for consultancy in area of
1. Insolvency
2. Crisis Management
3. Buying and selling the assets of liquidating companies in India
budget:$1000 - $3000

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