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Service club software
date: 24.07.2017
description:Dear sir or madam,
I am interested to get quote on programming an application to organise the daily business of an service club.
The service club meets once every week. Meetings are attended by members and guests. The club does through the year different kind of social projects. For each meeting members and guest have to receive an invitation before. After each meeting or event there has to be an protocol of the event which includes an registere of who attended and if an person did not attend if he was excused or not. Guest are asked to become members if they have shown an rate of attendance through a period of time. Members can be asked to leave the club if they don't show a certain amount of attendance through a period of time.
Therefore the Programm would need to: organise the members and guest of the club in an list or in different lists
Organise and plan meetings ( calendar) and to invite guest and members to meetings (mail merge) it has to give the possibility to take attendance at each meeting and to calculate the rate of attendance of each member. It also should have to possibility to write an report to each meeting or at least copy the attendance to an word document were the secretary of the club can write the protocol. What would be nice to have would be the possibly to send members reminders of upcoming meetings not only by mail but also by text. It is important that Programm is not web based ( there are a couple of onlineservices who offer this) it is also important that the Programm would ein under windows and os.
Thank you very much
budget:$0 - $10040

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